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Advanced reading and writing suggestion Exam-2020

Writing 1: (5 out of 7*1= 5)

1.  What is cohesion?

2.  What is the purpose of a notice?

3.  What is the purpose of writing a report?

4.  What is a thesis statement?

5.  What is a topic sentence?

6.  Make a list of five major punctuation marks.

7.  What is a formal letter?

8.  What should be the language of a press release?

9.  What should be the tone and language of report writing?

10.  What is a report?

11.  What is a narrative essay?

12.  What is a paragraph?

13.  What is a descriptive paragraph?

14.  What is a narrative paragraph?

15.  What is a contrast paragraph?

16.  What are the parts of a formal letter?

17.  What is a cover letter?

18.  What is a notice?

19.  What is a memo?

20.  What is a press release?

21.  What are footnotes?

22.  What are the main parts of a paragraph?

23.  What kind of announcement is a press release?

24.  Write the essential parts of a preen release?

25.  What is a cause-and-effect paragraph?

Writing 2: (2 out of 4*4=8)

Write a topic sentence for a paragraph on the following topics:

1.  Distance learning.

2.  Empowerment of women.

3.  Campus violence.

4.  Digital Bangladesh.

5.  Dengue fever.

6.  Social violence.

7.  Freedom of speech.

8.  Early marriage.

9.  Drug addiction.

10.  Gender discrimination.

11.  Book Fair.

12.  Food adulteration.

13.  Causes of environmental pollution.

14.  Greenhouse effect.

15.  Internet.

16.  Facebook.

17.  Climate change.

18.  Global warming.

19.  Globalization.

20.  Good manners.

21.  Friendship.

22.  Corruption.

23.  Liberation war.

24.  A road accident.

25.  Patriotism.

26.  Child Labor.

27.  Democracy.

28.  Satellite channel.

29.  Student politics.

Writing short questions:

1.  Write down the definition of plagiarism.

2.  Define paragraph.

3.  What are the parts of an essay?

4.  How can you avoid plagiarism?

5.  What is a bibliography?

6.  What is drafting?

7.  Define cohesion.

Write four or five sentences on the following topics given purposes and audiences:

1.  Student politics (Audience: higher secondary students; Purposes: to guide)

2.  Dangers of population explosion (Audience: slum dwellers; Purposes: to motivate)

3.  Reading newspaper (Audience: undergraduate students; Purposes: to persuade)

4.  Shakespeare (Audience: literature students; Purposes: to inform)

5.  Influence of TV on children (Audience: parents; Purposes: to inform and instruct)

6.  A road accident (Audience: friend; Purposes: to describe)

7.  Arsenic problem (Audience: slum dwellers; Purposes: to guide)

8.  Awareness against drug addiction (Audience: common people; Purposes: to inform)

9.  Child labor (Audience: higher secondary students; Purposes: to guide)

10.  Corruption in Bangladesh (Audience: high officials; Purposes: to rectify)

11.  Danger of smoking (Audience: general people; Purposes: to raise awareness)

12.  Drug addiction (Audience: youths; Purposes: discourage)

13.  Digital Bangladesh (Audience: higher secondary students; Purposes: to inform)

14.  Facebook (Audience: parents; Purposes: to inform)

15.  Standard of education in Bangladesh (Audience: teachers; Purposes: to expose)

What would be the form, voice, and style of writing on the following topics:

1.  Women empowerment.

2.  Aim in life.

3.  Coleridge as a poet.

4.  Digital Bangladesh.

5.  Romantic poetry.

6.  Literature and society.

7.  Political situations in Bangladesh.

8.  Satellite Television.

9.  Women education in Bangladesh.

10.  Your favorite hobby.

11.  The book You like best.

12.  Importance of learning English.

13.  Drug addiction.

14.  Environment Pollution.

15.  A good friend.

Writing 3 (3 out of 5*10=30)

·         Application

·         Report

·         Notice

·         Paragraph

·         Amplification


1.  write an application to the principal of your college for increasing library facilities.

2.  write an application to the principal of your college for arranging an English language club.

3.  write an application to the principal of your college to provide multimedia projector in your classroom.

4.  write an application to the principal of your college requesting him to take necessary steps to clean campus.

5.  write an application to the principal of your college seeking Permission for Staging drama.

6.  write an application to the principal of your college to arrange a blood donation camp on the college campus.


1.  write a job application to the managing director of a manufacturing company for the post of “marketing – Manager”.

2.  write an application for the post of an executive officer in a multinational company.

complaint letter

1.  write a letter to a bookstall complaining about defective books.


1.      Suppose, you are a principal. Now write a notice informing the students of the suspension of classes for holding the Final Year Examination.

2.      Suppose, you are a principal. Now write a notice informing the students of the celebration of the Victory Day in your college.

Report writing

1.  Write a report for a newspaper on the flood affected people of your area.

2.  Prepare a news report on the issue of sudden increasement of drug Abuses in your native town.

3.      Suppose you are a reporter of the Daily Star. Draft a report on unscrupulous use of preservatives in foodstuff.

4.  Prepare a report for a newspaper on recurring road accidents.

5.  Write a report on the cultural week of observed a few days ago in your college.

6.      Write a report for a newspaper on the celebration of 21st February in your college this year.

7.  Suppose you are a reporter of The Bangladesh Observer. In Magura, five people died of a mysterious disease. You are given the duty to investigate the matter. Now, write a report about it.

8.      Write a report on the unchanged price hike of the essential commodities.


1.      Satellite TV Channel.

2.      Food adulteration.

3.      Child labor.

4.      Internet.

5.      Capitalism.

6.      Role of women in our society.

7.      Gender discrimination.

8.      Garments factories in Bangladesh.

9.      Drug addiction.

10.  Global warming.

11.  Corruption.


1.   Man is the architect of his own fortune মানুষ তার নিজের ভাগ্যের স্থপতি.

2.   Great talkers are not great doers মহান বক্তারা মহান কাজ করে না.

3.   The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence বেড়ার অন্য পাশে ঘাস সবসময় সবুজ হয়.

4.   cowards die many times before their death কাপুরুষরা মৃত্যুর আগে বহুবার মারা যায়.

5.   All that glitters is not gold যে সব চকচকে হয় তা সোনা নয়।.

6.   Makes hay while the sun shines সূর্য চকমক করার সময় খড় তৈরি করে.

7.   Every cloud has a silver living প্রতিটি মেঘ একটি রূপালী জীবন্ত আছে.

8.   we live in deeds, not in yearsআমরা কর্মে বাস করি, বছরের মধ্যে নয়.

9.   Birds of a feather flock together পালকের পাখি একসাথে ঝাঁকে ঝাঁকে.

10. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush হাতে একটি পাখি ঝোপ দুই মূল্য.

11. Failure is the pillar of success ব্যর্থতা হল সাফল্যের স্তম্ভ.

Reading 3


1.   Write a critical summary of the poem.

2.   What is the theme of the poem?

3.   What is the tone of the poem?

4.   What is the generic form of the poem কবিতার সাধারণ রূপ কী?

5.   Write a note on the use of imagery and symbolism in the poem.

6.   Explain an important stanza or some lines.


1.   On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer. (By John Keats)

2.   I’m nobody! who are you? (By Emily Dickinson)

3.   Tyger! Tyger! burning bright. (By William Blake)

4.   Landscape, with the fall of Icarus. (By William Carlos Williams)

5.   o my luves! like a red. (by Robert Burns)

6.   Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day By William Shakespeare আমি কি তোমাকে গ্রীষ্মের দিনের সাথে তুলনা করব?

7.   Let me not to the marriage of true minds.” (By William Shakespeare)

8.   To Daffodils. (By Robert Herrick)

9.   The Lamb. (By William Blake)

10. when you are old? (By W.B Yeats)

11. How do I love thee? (E.B Browning)

12. The Road not taken. (By Robert Frost)

13. I wandered Lonely as a cloud. (By William Wordsworth)

14. Beauteous Evening. (By William Wordsworth)

15. Patriot. (By Robert Browning)

16. A madrigal. (By William Shakespeare)

17. Dover beach. (By Mathew Arnold)

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