24 Important Brief Questions of Look Back in Anger

24 Important Brief Questions of Look Back in Anger

Q.1. In what respects is Look Back in Anger a landmark in the history of English drama?

Ans. It is a revolution against the previous generation and a decisive contribution to the corporate image of the Angry Young man.

Q.2. What is the cause of tension in the marital life of Jimmy and Alison?

Ans. The social disparity between Jimmy and Alison. 

Q.3. What does Jimmy call Alison and her brother Nigel?

Ans. “sycophantic, phlegmatic and pusillanimous”. 

Q.4. What is the name of Alison’s father?

Ans. Colonel Redfern.

Q5. What is Jimmy’s attitude to Helena? 

Ans. Jimmy’s attitude toward Helena is hostile.

06. With whom had Jimmy and Alison been living after their marriage?

Ans. With Hugh Tanner, a friend of Jimmy.

Q.7. How does Alison justify her leaving Jimmy in her note to him?

Ans. Before leaving Jimmy’s house Alison writes a note for Jimmy in which she tells that she is going because she needs peace and that she will always have a “de loving need for Jimmy”.

Q.8. What religious practices in the Midlands are ridiculed by Jimmy?

Ans. Midnight invocations to the Coptic Goddess of fertility.

 Q.9. Why does Jimmy criticize people offering sacrifices to the gods?

Ans. Jimmy expresses that people mostly give up only those things which they never really wanted in the first instance or they were incapable of really wanting. 

Q.10. Why does Jimmy criticize female sex?

Ans. Because in his opinion, women try to bleed men to death.

Q.11. What is Alison’s comment on marriage after her return to Jimmy?

Ans. Alison speaks that she no longer believes in the sanctity of marriage, and that marriage can last only if the two partners can adjust themselves to each other.

(Brief Questions of Look Back in Anger, Brief Questions of Look Back in Anger)

Q.12. How does Alison admit her mistakes to Jimmy? 

Ans. Alison apologizes that she was wrong on her part to have adopted a neutral attitude towards life.

Q.13. How does Alison surrender to Jimmy?

Ans. Alison surrenders to Jimmy that she was wrong on her part and apologizes to Jimmy.

Q.14. How are Alison and Jimmy reconciled?

Ans. Asking her not to cry, Jimmy bends and takes Alison’s trembling body in his embrace.

Q.15. How, according to Jimmy, is Alison’s passion for him?

Ans. They make love to each other but she just tries to devour him as python devours its prey. 

Q.16 What is Alison’s realization of female domination?

Ans. If a woman tries to dominate or bully her husband, she is sure to be discarded, like herself. 

Q.17. How does Jimmy mock Alison’s father?

Ans. Jimmy mocks Alison’s father by telling imperialist India.

Q.18. What do Jimmy and Alison call each other?

Ans. A beautiful squirrel and a really marvelous bear.

Q.19. Where is the first scene of the ‘Look Back in Anger’ set?

Ans. Jimmy Porter’s one-room flat at the top of a large Victorian house in Midland town.

Q-20. Who is Colonel Redfern?

Ans. Father of Alison’s father.

Q.21. Who is Helena Charles?

Ans. Friend of Alison.

Q-22. Who helped Jimmy to start a sweet stall?

Ans. Cliff Lewis.

Q.23. Why does Jimmy hate Sundays?

Ans. The Sunday ritual expresses fixed reading the newspapers, drinking tea, and Alison ironing the clothes. Jimmy thinks that it is slipping away in these meaningless rituals. So he hates Sundays.

Q.24. Who is called ‘Pusillanimous’? 

Ans. Jimmy Porter calls his wife “Lady Pusillanimous”.

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