30 Important Brief Questions of The Caretaker

30 Important Brief Questions of The Caretaker

Q.1. Who was Harold Pinter? When and where was he born? 

Ans. Harold Pinter was a poet and playwright who was born on 10 October 1930 in Hackney.

Q.2. What name does Davies use as his identity?

Ans. Bernard Jenkins.

Q.3. Who is Mick? 

Ans. The younger brother of Aston and owner of the house.

Q.4. What is Mick’s occupation?

Ans. Mick is a moderately successful businessman. 

Q.5. Who is Davies?

Ans. He is an old man, a rootless wanderer, probably in his sixties.

Q.6. What do you know of Aston?

Ans. Aston is the elder brother of Mick and owner of the house

Q.7. What kind of man is Aston?

Ans. He is a generous man. 

Q.8. Why does Davies intend to go to Sidcup?

Ans. Because he wants to prove who he really is.

Q.9. What do Davies’s ‘papers’ refer to?

Ans. Davies’s papers refer to that he wants to establish his identity in the house.

Q.10. What is Mick’s motive in showing violence to Davies?

Ans. He wants to dominate and frighten by his swift, decisive physical actions.

Q.11. What is Mick’s first question to Davies? 

Ans. “What’s the game?” meaning “What are you doing?”

Q.12. How does Mick threaten Davies?

Ans. Mick threatens to take him to the police station in his van and keep him in police custody.

Q.13. What is Electrolux?

Ans. The trade name of a brand of the vacuum cleaner.

14. How is Aston disturbed by Davies from going to sleep?

Ans. Snorting and making noises.

Q.15. How is Davies trapped by Mick?

Ans. When Mick appears to confide in Davies saying that Aston is “work-shy”, he falls into the trap and starts to be critical of Aston much against his brother.

Q.16. Do you find any unreality in Mick’s offer of the Caretaker’s job to Davies? 

Ans. Mick’s offer of the Caretaker’s job is surprising, but its essential unreality lies in the fact that it depends on Davies’s ability to get his references from Sidcup.

Q.17. What complaints does Davies make to Mick against Aston?

Ans. He has not given him a knife to cut bread with, that he will do nothing about the gas stove, that he ignores the dirt in the house and that he has no clock to see the time.

Q-18. What is the Great West Road?

Ans. The Great west road is the main road leading from London to the southwest of the British Isles.

Q.19. Why does Davies abuse Aston?

Ans. Because of his snorting and noise causing a disturbance in his sleep.

Q.20. When does Davies draw a knife towards Aston?

Ans. He Draws a Knife towards Aston in a hot exchange of words at night.

21. What makes Mick angry with Davies? 

Ans. When Davies says that he is not an experienced interior decorator, Mick becomes angry with him. 

Q.22. Why does Mick refuse to offer Davies a job or a home? 

Ans. Because Davies has told a lie in introducing himself as an expert interior decorator.

Q.23. Can you trace the reason for Davies’s expulsion from the house of Aston and Mick? 

Ans. The reason is the clumsy and selfish attempts of Davies.

Q.25. Why did Davies leave his wife?

Ans. Because Davies saw her washing her underclothes in a saucepan used for cooking vegetables.

Q.26. Why does Davies refuse the shoes offered by Aston? 

Ans. Because they do not fit in.

Q.27. When was Harold Pinter awarded the Nobel Prize? 

Ans. In 2005, on Literature.

Q.28. How many characters are presented in the Caretaker? 

Ans. Only three characters in The Caretaker.

Q.29. Why was Davies expelled from the house of Aston and Mick?

Ans. The clumsy and selfish attempts of Davies

Q.30. Why did Davies quarrel in the Cafe?

Ans. Davies had an argument with someone in the cafe over who should take a bucket of rubbish outside and was fired as a result. This led to a brawl. 

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