28 Brief Questions of The Importance of Being Earnest

28 Brief Questions of The Importance of Being Earnest

Q.1. What type of play is “The Importance of Being Earnest”?

Ans. comedy of manners. 

Q.2. When did Wilde win the Newdigate Prize?

Ans. In 1878, Oscar won the Newdigate Prize.

Q.3. What was Wilde’s contribution to English drama?

Ans. Oscar Wilde’s contribution to the English drama was to restore to it a spirit of comedy; to the dull, moralistic Victorian stage he brought a wit reminiscent of the Restoration comedy of manners and a genuine sense of the dramatic.

Q.4. Who is Jack Worthing?

Ans. The hero of the play The Importance of Brine Earnest.

Q.5 What is the name of Algernon’s butler?

Ans.  Merriman Butler.

Q.6. Who is Gwendolen Fairfax?

Ans. Daughter of Lord and Lady Bracknell and a beautiful young girl. 

Q.7. Who is the lover of Gwendolen?

Ans. Jack Worthing 

Q.8. By what name is Jack known to Gwendolen?

Ans. Ernest Worthing.

Q.9. Who is Algernon Moncrieff?

Ans. Nephew of Lady Bracknell and cousin of Gwendolen.

Q.10. Who is Bunbury?

Ans. Bunbury is an invented friend of Algernon. 

Q.11. Who is Lane?

Ans. Algernon’s servant.

Q.12. What is the meaning of “Divorces are made in heaven”?

Ans. It means the opposite of the largely romantic commonplace that marriages are made in heaven.

Q.13. Who is Cecily Cardew?

Ans. Jack’s beautiful eighteen-year-old ward.

(Brief Questions of The Importance of Being Earnest)

Q.14. Who is Dr. Chasuble?

Ans. The Rector of Jack’s country Parish. 

Q.15. How would you prove the hypocritical nature of Dr. Chasuble?

Ans. When Miss Prism tells Dr. Chasuble that he should get married to relieve his loneliness, he replies of the celibacy prescribed by the Primitive Church. But he wants to marry Miss Prism. so it is great hypocrisy.

Q.16. How does the play The Importance of Being Earnest end? 

Ans. Through the union of the three pairs of lovers.

Q.17. What is the final realization of Jack Worthing?

Ans. For the first time in his life, he realizes the vital importance of being ‘Ernest’- a pun on ‘Earnest’. 

Q.18. Whom never do girls marry according to Algernon?

Ans. Girls never marry the men they flirt with.

Q.19. In what way does Jack have a double identity?

Ans. Ernest in the London city and Jack in the countryside.

Q.20. Who is Miss Prism?

Ans.Cecily Cardew’s governess.

Q.21. What is the revelation of Lady Bracknell?

Ans. Jack is the son of her late sister and elder brother of Algernon. 

Q.22. What is Jack’s income?

Ans. Between seven and eight thousand a year. 

Q.23. What was the ending of Miss Prism’s novel?

Ans. Happily. 

Q.24. What is Bunburying?

Ans. Whenever Algernon wants to go to the countryside, he says that he is going to visit his sick friend Bunbury whose condition is alarming.

Q.25. Who is the antagonist in the play “The Importance of Being Earnest?

Ans. Lady Bracknell.

Q.26. What is a comedy of manners?

Ans. It is a form of comedy that expresses the manners and social code of a sophisticated society through wit, humor and polished behavior

Q.27. Why did Algernon create the imaginary friend, Bunbury?

Ans. To escape social responsibility.

Q.28. How does Dr. Chasuble try to be witty?

Ans. Dr. Chasuble says that if he were fortunate enough to be Miss Prism’s pupil, he would hang upon her lips.

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