68 Most Important brief Questions of Tess of the D’Urbervilles

68 Most Important brief Questions of Tess of the D’Urbervilles

1. What is Prince?

Ans. The name of the old horse belonged to the Durbeyfield family.

2. What is the sub-title of Tess of the D’Urbervilles?

Ans. A Pure Woman

Q.3, Who is Alec d’Urberville?

Ans. Handsome, amoral son of a wealthy merchant named Simon Stokes.

Q.4. Who is John Durbeyfield?

Ans. Tess’s father.

Q.5. Who is Mercy Chant?

Ans. Reverend Clare’s friend’s daughter. She married Cuthbert Clare.

Q.6. Who is Abraham Darbeyfield?

Ans. The younger brother of Tess.

Q.3. Who is Car Darch?

Ans. A village woman who is jealous of Tess’s relationship with Alec D’Urberville.

Q.8. Who is Izz Huett?

Ans. One of the Talbothay’s Dairy milkmaids.

Q.9. Who is Marian?

Ans. One of the Talbothay’s Dairy milkmaids.

Q.10. Who is Retty?

Ans. One of the Talbothay’s Dairy milkmaids.

11. How does Tringham address John Durbeyfield?

Ans. As “Sir John”. 

Q.12. Who was William the Conqueror?

Ans. King William I.

Q.13. What is a ‘gravel seal’?

Ans. A ‘graven seal’ would be the distinctive family crest and motto carved into a small, flat shape.

Q.14. Where was Tess grown up?

Ans. Marlott. 

Q.15. Why does Tess write a letter to Angel Clare before the marriage ceremony?

Ans. Because she wants to tell him about her past. 

Q.16. What is club-walking?

Ans. A derivative form of May Day. 

Q.17. What does the club walking symbolize?

Ans. Ritual of purity and springtime. 

Q.18. What twofold alarm does Tess receive from her mother?

Ans. one is that her father comes from a noble lineage and another is that he has been diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

Q.19. What is the Compleat Fortune-Teller?”

Ans. It is a fortune-telling book that Mrs. Durbeyfield consults from time to time.

20. How does Alec die?

Ans. Tess stabs him with a knife.

Q.21. Why doesn’t John Durbeyfield sell the dead body of Prince?

Ans. Because of his noble ancestry.

Q.22. What is “The Slopes”?

Ans. Alec D’Urberville’s house is called “The Slopes’ ‘.

Q.23. What, according to Joan, is Tess’s trump card?

Ans. Her good looks. 

Q.24. What does Joan mean when she says “if he doesn’t marry her afore he will after”?

Ans. Joan expresses that Alec might first seduce Tess and then marry her.

Q.25. What is Tib?

Ans. It is the name of the mare belonging to Alec. 

Q.26. What is the Chase?

Ans. The oldest wood in England. 

Q.27. Where does Tess become a ‘Maiden No More”?

Ans. In the Chase which is said to be the oldest wood in England. 

Q.28. What is Emminster?

Ans. It is the name of a place where Angel’s parents live. 

Q.29. How has Tess broken a social law? 

Ans. By having sex before marriage.

Q.30. What is Talbothays? 

Ans. It is the place where Tess was employed as a dairymaid.

31. Who is the owner of Talbothays Dairy?

Ans. Richard Crick, also known as Dick.

Q.32. What is the dairy’s rule?

Ans. The cows should be milked randomly if the cow develops a preference for a particular milkmaid or milkman, he ends up having problems after they leave his farm.

Q.33. What draws Tess and Angel to each other?

Ans. Music

Q.34. What may cause the “twang”

Ans. The “twang” is the result of the cows eating garlic.

35 Who are the roommates of Tess?

Ans. Retty, Marian, and Izz.

Q.36. How does she respond to Angel Clare’s proposal of marriage?

Ans. She tells him that she loves him, but that it is out of the question for her to marry him. “Oh, Mr. Clare-I cannot be your wife”.

Q.37. What is the real reason for Tess‘s refusing Angel’s proposal of marriage?

Ans. Her unhappy past with Alec d’Urberville who had raped her.

Q.38. How does the narrator describe the quality of Tess’s love? 

Ans. “She thought every line in the contour of his person the perfection of masculine beauty, his soul the soul of a saint, his intellect of a seer.”

39. What happens to the letter she writes to Angel?

Ans. Angel does not come across the letter because it was unintentionally slipped under both the door and the carpet.

Q.40. Why does Tess later remove the letter?

Ans. Because she sees the corner of the letter sticking out from under his carpet.

Q.41. Who acts as witnesses to their marriage? 

Ans. Mr. and Mrs. Dick.

Q.42. How is Tess a victim of double standards? 

Ans. Angel expects forgiveness from Tess for his dissipation with a woman but cannot forgive Tess for the same fault. Thus, she is a victim of double standards.

Q.43. How does Angel react to Tess’s account of her past life? 

Ans. At first, Angel can’t believe it and then says she is now a different person than the one he married, and laughs wildly.

Q.44, Who is more sinned against than sinning? 

Ans. Tess.

Q.45. Why does Angel want to go to Brazil to launch his farming project?

Ans.  for his farming project because the land is cheap there.

Q.46. How does Tess manage to send her parents twenty pounds to repair the cottage roof?

Ans. Tess has just received the additional thirty pounds from Angel, so she sends the twenty pounds to her mother immediately.

Q.47. From what motives does Tess attempt to diminish her physical attractiveness? 

Ans. Tess tries to diminish her physical attractiveness in order to protect herself from the constant advances of men. 

Q.48. How does Tess make herself ugly?

Ans. She tries to herself in old, unattractive clothing, cuts off her eyebrows, and ties a handkerchief around her face under her bonnet.

Q.49. What does the narrator consider “the greatest misfortune of her life?

Ans. Tess’s “feminine loss of courage at the last and critical moment”.

Q.50. Midway through the novel, what does Alec become?

Ans. He has become a preacher. 

Q.51. Who has converted Alec?

Ans. Reverend Clare, father of Angel Clare. 

Q.52. What does the Cross-in-Hand signify?

Ans. It is an object of ill omen.

Q.53. What is “Candlemas”?

Ans. A holiday in February. 

Q.54. What is Kingsbere?

Ans. Kingsbere is the city where the D’Urbervilles originally lived.

Q.55. What is Sandbourne?

Ans. It is a fancy town with a spa that attracts tourists where Tess lives with Alec as his mistress.

Q.56. What is Herons?

Ans. It is a stylish lodging house.

Q.57. Why does Tess kill Alec?

Ans. Because Alec had wronged Angel through her and feels she will regain Angel. 

Q.58. What did Tess name her child?

Ans. Sorrow

Q.59. What is the name of Tess’ sister?

Ans. Liza Lu

Q.60. How did Tess die?

Ans. Tess is hanged as a punishment for murder.

Q.61. Where and when was Tess raped by Aice?

Ans. In the Chase, Tess was raped by Alec when she is returning from the fair and market of Chaseborough.

Q.62. Who is Parson Tringham?

Ans. A clergyman in Marlott.

Q.63. What is the name of Tess’ village? 

Ans. Marlott.

Q.64. What happened to the letter of Tess which was written before their marriage? 

Ans. She writes a confession letter to Angel, telling him of her past, and slips in under his door. 

Q.65. Who is Joan Durbeyfield?

Ans. Tess’s simple-minded mother.

Q.66. How was Prince killed?

Ans. When Tess and Abraham have fallen fast asleep, their carriage has collided with the local mail cart, and the collision has killed Prince.

Q.67. Where did Tess fall in love with Angel?

Ans. At Talbothay’s Dairy. 

Q.68. What is the relationship between Tess and Sorrow?

Ans. Mother and son.

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