56 Most Important Brief Questions of Jane Eyre

56 Most Important Brief Questions of Jane Eyre

Q.1. Who was Jane’s Pupil at Thornfield?

Ans. Adèle Varens 

Q.2. What was the pseudonym of Charlotte Bronte?

Ans. Currer Bell

Q.3. Who is the protagonist of Jane Eyre?

Ans. Jane Eyre

Q.4. What was the original title of Jane Eyre?

Ans.Jane Eyre: An Autobiography.

Q.5. Who is Mrs. Reed?

Ans. Mrs. Reed is Jane’s cruel aunt.

Q.6 Who is Mrs. Fairfax?

Ans. A kindly housekeeper at Thornfield.

Q.7. Who is Bertha Mason?

Ans. She is Rochester’s insane wife.

Q.8. Who is Grace Poole?

Ans. Bertha Mason’s keeper at Thornfield

Q.9. Who is Blanche Ingram?

Ans. A beautiful socialite.

Q.10. Who is Miss Temple?

Ans. A beautiful and kindly superintendent of Lowood.

11. Who is Céline Varens?

Ans. Celine Varens is a French opera dancer.

Q.12. Who is Rosamond Oliver?

Ans. Daughter of Mr. Oliver.

Q.13. Who is John Eyre?

Ans. Jane’s uncle. 

14. What is “Pilot”?

Ans. Mr. Rochester’s faithful dog. 

Q.15. What is the name of the house the Reed family lived in?

Ans. Gateshead Hall 

Q.16. What has Mrs. Reed forbidden Jane?

Ans. To play with her cousins Eliza, Georgiana, and the bullying John.

Q.17. Why did John give Jane a blow?

Ans. As a  punishment for speaking in an insolent manner to his mother.

Q.18. What is Jane’s reaction to John’s hitting her with a book?

Ans. She jumps up and tells John off, calling him “wicked and cruel” and “like a murderer” or “like a slave driver” or “like the Roman emperors”.

Q.19. When did the Reed family use the red room? 

Ans. It was rarely used but It was used only when a large number of visitors happened to come to the house.

Q.20. How did Jane’s parents die? 

Ans. Typhus fever.

Q.21. What is Lowood Institution?

Ans. An orphaned girl school.

Q.22. Who runs Lowood School?

Ans. Mr. Brocklehurst.

Q.23. What is a Child’s Guide?

Ans. It is a kind of book full of stories about sinful children who die unpleasantly.

Q.24. Who is the superintendent of Lowood School? 

Ans. Miss Miller.

Q.25. Who has founded Lowood School? 

Ans. Noam Brocklehurst, mother of Mr Brocklehurst.

Q.26. Who is Julia?

Ans. one of the girls at Lowood School.

Q.27. How does Mr. Brocklehurst punish Jane?

Ans. By ordering her to stand a stool in fornt of the class for half an hour.

Q.28. What does Helen represent? 

Ans. Forbearance and resignation.

Q.29. What does Mr. Brocklehurst represent? 

Ans. Self-complacent authoritarianism.

Q.30. What was inscribed on the tombstone?

Ans. Resurgam.

Q.31. What is the name of the inn mentioned in Jane Eyre?

Ans. George Inn 

Q.32. Who is the owner of Thornfield?

Ans. Mr. Rochester.

Q.33. What is Thornfield?

Ans.  The manor of Mr. Rochester.

Q.34. What is the full name of Mr. Rochester? 

Ans. Edward Rochester.

Q.35. Who set Rochester’s bedroom on fire?

Ans. Bertha Mason

Q.36. How does Jane save Rochester’s life?

Ans. By dousing his bed with water.

Q.37. Why does Blanche Ingram want to marry Mr. Rochester? 

Ans. For his money.

Q.38. Who is Helen Burns?

Ans. Jane’s close friend at the Lowood School.

Q.39. Why does Mrs. Fairfax treat Jane coldly?

Ans. Because she doesn’t know that Jane was already engaged to Rochester.

Q.40. What are heirlooms?

Ans. Heirlooms means the jewels or ornaments which move from generation to generation in an aristocratic family. 

Q.41. What “vision” does Jane have the night before her wedding?

Ans. A “ghost” came to her with a disfigured face and ripped her wedding veil in half.

Q.42. Who stopped the marriage?

Ans. Mr. Mason 

Q.43. Why does Mr. Mason stop the marriage?

Ans. Because Mr. Rochester is already married to his sister, Bertha Mason. 

Q.44. Why does Jane refuse to be Mr. Rochester’s mistress?

Ans. Because of her religious beliefs and virtue. 

Q.45. What is Vale Hall?

Ans. Vale Hall is the name of the house. 

Q.46. What is the name of Mr. Rivers’ pointer/dog?

Ans. Carlo

Q.47. How does Jane become rich?

Ans. By inheriting a legacy of 20,000 from her uncle, John Eyre.

Q.48. Who says, “Oh, darling! God bless you and reward you!”

Ans. Mr. Rochester 

Q.49. Why does Mr. Rochester say, “Oh, darling! God bless you and reward you!” to Jane?

Ans. Because Jane agrees to marry him.

Q.50. Who was present when Jane and Rochester got married? 

Ans. No witnesses other than the person and the church clerk.

Q.51. In which school did Jane receive her education?

Ans. In Lowood School

Q.52. What is the red room in Jane Eyre? 

Ans. The “red-room” is a room where Jane’s uncle  Mr. Reed died.

Q.53. How many years did Jane Eyre pass at Lowood School? 

Ans. Eight years.

Q.54. Why was Jane imprisoned in the red room?

Ans. Jane fights with John that’s why Mrs. Reed sends Jane to be locked in the red room. 

Q.55. Why is Jane afraid of the red room?

Ans. When Jane is locked in the red room, she imagines that her uncle’s ghost is present in the room.

Q.56. Who is Brocklehurst?
Ans. The stingy manager of Lowood.

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