50 Most Important Brief Questions of ELT 

50 Most Important Brief Questions of ELT (Approach and Methods of Language Teaching)

What is ZPD? (2016, 2015, 2013)

Ans. ZPD means Zone of Proximal Development which stands for the gap between what a learner can learn by themselves and what he/she can learn with the help of teachers.

What is pedagogy? (2017, 2015)

Ans. Pedagogy means the method and practice of teaching.

What is meant by “ELT Methodology’? (2018)

Ans. ELT Methodology means a system of practices and procedures which a teacher uses to teach the English Language.

What is the ‘ approach’ in language teaching? (2017)

Ans. An Approach is a foreign language teaching process.

What is ESL? (2018)

Ans. ESL stands for English as a second language.

What is ‘Applied Linguistics’? (2018, 2015)

Ans. Applied linguistics is a branch of language study concerned with the scientific study of second and foreign language teaching and learning.

Define language from the structural point of view. (2017, 2015)

Ans. From the structural point of view, language means the use of linguistic or grammatical aspects of a language, such as voice sounds, words, and sentences.

What is LAD? (2017, 2015, 2012)

Ans. LAD stands for Language Acquisition Device (concerning a part, or parts, of the brain which specialize in the acquisition of language). It is specifically related to the ability of children to learn languages.

What is ‘schema’? (2017, 2015)

Ans. Schema is the background knowledge that helps us understand and interpret information, feelings, and emotions.

What does the critical period mean in learning language by children? (2017, 2015)

Ans. In the first Language Acquisition theory, the “Critical period” is the period in which children can learn a language in the first few years of their life very easily.

What is SLA? (2017, 2016, 2012)

Ans. SLA stands for Second Language Acquisition.

What is ‘interlanguage’? (2015, 2014)

Ans. Interlanguage means a linguistic system where a second language learner makes a combination of his/her first language.

What is ‘scaffolding’? (2017, 2015)

Ans. Scaffolding means assistance from an expert to help learners reach the next level.

Define ‘Direct Method’. (2018, 2016, 2014, 2012)

Ans. Direct Method means a language teaching approach. In this method, students are taught their target language without translation into the native language.

Which method is known as the ‘classical method”? (2016)

Ans. Grammar-Translation Method.

What does the medium of instruction mean in GTM? (2018)

Ans. The first language of the learners is the medium of instruction in the GTM.

What is GTM? (2014)

Ans. GTM stands for Grammar Translation Method.

What are audio-lingual drills? (2018)

Ans. Audio-lingual drills mean practicing some target language structures over and over to be trained or conditioned to use them in real-life situations.

What does Audio-Lingual Method mean? (2014)

Ans. The ALM is a method of foreign language teaching.

What does the ‘Army Method’ refer to? (2016, 2013)

Ans. The Army Method refers to the Audio-Lingual Method which means the drilling and intensive practice of structures of the target language.

What is CLT? (2018, 2012)

Ans. CLT Stands for Communicative language teaching.

What is TPR? (2015)

Ans. “Total Physical Response” stands for students’ physical response to commands in the target language.

What is the goal of TPR? (2016)

Ans. The goal of TPR is to provide an enjoyable learning experience in the foreign language.

What is ‘method’? (2012)

Ans. A method means the reflection of a chosen approach to teaching and learning.

What is the oldest ‘Language Teaching Method’? (2018)

Ans.Grammar Translation Method.

What is TBLT? (2014)

Ans. TBLT (Task-Based Language Teaching) is a classroom activity that focuses on meaning through which learners understand and produce the target language while performing a set. of steps.

How many phases are there in TBLT? (2015, 2012)

Ans. There are three phases in TBLT.

What does CLIL refer to? (2013)

Ans. CLIL refers to learning a language through cross-curricular content such as science, history, etc.

What are BANA and TESEP? (2016)

Ans. The approaches to language teaching and learning used in Britain, Australia, and North America (Kachru’s inner circle) are called BANA and TESEP means The teaching approaches followed in the rest of the world.

What is IPA? (2015)

Ans. IPA means The International Phonetic Alphabet.

What is meant by ‘Target Language”? (2012)

Ans. Target language means that a learner learns a language as an additional.

What is the ‘Affective-Filter Hypothesis”? (2012)

Ans. The affective filter hypothesis means that learners must be relaxed and open to learning in order for language to be acquired.

What is Nativism? (2016)

Ans. The nativist/ Innatist theory of language acquisition means that language is innate and ‘native’ to humans from birth which is advocated by Noman Chomsky.

What is ‘linguistic imperialism ‘? (2015, 2014, 2013)

Ans. When a language is imposed on the speakers of other languages, it is called linguistic imperialism.

Define “linguicism”. (2015)

Ans. Linguicism means creating inequalities and discrimination among groups of people through a language.

What is the language shift? (2015)

Ans. There are two languages in the speech community. When one language is stopped, it shifts to the other, which is called a language shift.

What is ‘lingua franca’? (2017, 2015)

Ans. Lingua Franca means a language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose native language is different.

What is ‘intensive reading ‘? (2018)

Ans. Intensive reading means reading with close attention to specific features of a text.

What is ‘scanning’? (2017, 2015, 2012)

Ans. Scanning means reading a text quickly to find out a specific piece of information.

What does ‘skimming’ mean? (2017, 2015, 2014)

Ans. Skimming is reading quickly to get the general meaning or the main idea of a text.

What is coherence? (2014)

Ans. Coherence refers to the internal connection between ideas in a writing.

What is role play? (2018)

Ans. Role-play means an activity when students play the roles of some other characters of real life.

What is ‘realia’? (2015)

Ans. Realia means a real objective that is used to teach vocabulary.

What areas of languages are emphasized in the Grammar Translation Method? (2012)

Ans. Reading and writing skills.

What is deductive teaching of grammar? (2012)

Ans. An inductive approach involves the learners detecting, or noticing, patterns and working out a ‘rule’ for themselves before they practice the language.

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