Conditional Sentences

Conditional Sentences | Rules & Examples

Conditionals are three types:

1st Conditional (open Condition):

 If / unless + present simple + Future (shall, will, can, may)


1.     If you read more, you will pass the exam.

2.     If you eat a balanced diet, you can be healthy.

2nd Conditional (Improbable or Imaginary condition):

If/ unless + past simple + Future in the past (would, could, might)


1.     If you worked hard, you would shine in life.

2.     unless you obeyed me, You would be punished.

3rd conditional (Unfulfilled condition):

If/ unless + past perfect + Future (would/ could/ might + have + v3)


1.     If you had worked hard, you would have shone in life.

2.     If you had come to me, I might have helped you.

Such Examples for Completing Sentence

  1. It is long since he died
  2. It was long since he had died
  3. She speaks as if she were mad
  4. She spoke as though she had known everything
  5. The old man is walking carefully lest he should fall down
  6. He will come provide you come
  7. Hardly had we reached the college before the rain started
  8. He cannot walk a mile let alone five miles
  9. I look forward to meeting you
  10. He went to library with a view to borrowing a book
  11. Would you mind taking a cup of tea?
  12. The book is worth reading.
  13. We could not help laughing.
  14. I feel like crying
  15. He used to smoke
  16. He is used to smoking.
  17. A graveyard is the place where dead bodies are buried
  18. It is time 11pm, when I go to bed
  19. It is time/it is high time you read attentively
  20. It is high time for you to read attentively.
  21. He is intelligent enough to get gpa5
  22. He has enough money to buy a car.
  23. I saw an accident while going to college/ I was going to college.

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