Riders to the Sea Summary by John Millington Synge

Riders to the Sea Summary by John Millington Synge

The scene is set in a cottage on an island off the west coast of Ireland. Kitchen articles, fishing nets, oilskins, spinning wheels, and a few new boards indicate that fishing is a source of income for the home. Cathleen, 20, threw the pot into the fire after making a cake. She wipes her hand stained with flours. After that, he started working on the spinning wheel. Nora, her younger sister, makes her entry. He asked Cathleen about her mother. Cathleen tells him she’s trying to sleep if she can. When Nora is convinced that there is no one else in the house except Cathleen.

He pulled out a bundle from his shawl. During Cathleen’s interrogation, Nora said the bundle was given to her by a young priest who wanted to make sure Michael or someone else had clothes and stockings on. Cathleen is surprised because she can’t believe for so long that her brother’s body has been washed north. Now Cathleen has changed the subject by asking Nora if the young priest would prevent Bartley from crossing the sea. Nora replied that the Young Priest was sure that God could not be so cruel to bring more misfortune to the family, so do not be afraid of his journey and do not stop him.

Cathleen and Nora are worried about their brother Bartley, who is the family’s last hope. Cathleen hides the bundle because she (Mother) doesn’t want to be upset at all. Desperate now shown on stage, an elderly woman is suffering a lot according to the expression on her face. She is upset because her only son is determined to go to the sea when the weather is not unfavorable and the sea is rising.

Desperate, Nora reported that Bartley had made up his mind to sell his horse and visit Galway Fair for more profit, as the storm was probably approaching and he lost his temper and asked to change his mind. Michael’s body was washed and there was no one to make the coffin, he told her another reason. But Bartley did not listen to her and the mother of the only son feared the greatest loss of her life. Ignoring all of his mother’s comments, Bartley promised his sisters that he would be back in four days. At the door, he looks behind his mother, who tells him that he is her last son, so Bartley also leaves him behind and goes to the sea.

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Cathleen was annoyed when Bartley looked at her and said such an unfortunate thing about her mother. He remembers that the freshly baked cake was not given to him. The sisters are both crying because Bartley has not taken anything since sunrise and if he does not give this bread, he will die. Cathleen advised her mother to run well in the spring and to be able to bless her son and fight against the effects of the previous dark words. So, Maurya wraps bread in a cloth and walks as fast as she can to catch a glimpse of Bartley.

Maurya’s departure gave both girls the opportunity they had been waiting for so long. Shortly after her departure, Cathleen tells Nora that this bundle will fix their fate. Nora informs him that two men found Michael’s body while they were walking around and one of them had a stroke. They then cut the bundle with a knife because the strings were damaged by the saltwater. When the bundle is published; Something shirt and stocking was found: the two girls compared the flannel of the shirt to another one in the house and announced that both were made the same.

However, the same flannel shirt can be worn by any other sailor so that they remain in doubt again. After that, the number of stitches in the stockings and the amount of Michael’s death were confirmed because the stockings were woven by themselves. Cathleen and Nora burst into tears that now the corpses are at the mercy of the wind and the waves. His body must eat birds and fish. Such a brave sailor had terrible and painful consequences. These two sisters thus hide the articles while crying for their brother’s drawings and listening to their mother’s feet. Desperation comes in a reverse mood where he leaves. The expressions on his face reveal the confusing state of his mind. He sat in the stall without saying anything to anyone. Asked about his meeting with Bartley, he stared into the void and cried. He told them that Bertley came on a red horse and Michael came upon a gray insect and chased him.

Cathleen is surprised because Michael was buried north and the one who died will no longer be seen. But the mother is confident in what she has seen and now no one can save Bartley’s life because Michael has come to take his brother with him and he will succeed in his endeavors. Thus, Maurya’s fears about Bartley’s rise seem to be true. Maurya’s gaze forced Cathleen to say, “It’s destroyed. We’ve been there ever since. Definitely destroyed,” Nora believes the young priest whose God is not too cruel to take the life of his last son. But Maurya has lost her temper and everyone remembers. There are that every male member voluntarily or unwillingly chose the sea for their death; ” In this house, I have my husband, my husband’s father and my six sons … they are all gone from this world now ” “Shimas was there and his father and his father were lost in the darkness again.”

The last scene opens with the women entering, making a sacred mark of the cross at the entrance with Patch or Michael eager to know if the corpse was brought and he now appears. Michael grew up a few days ago, where Patch went to see a long time ago and his body was also wonderfully buried. Kathleen is also not sure because she knows that Michael was found far north, where a body was buried, then how Michael’s body was found. Desperate did not want to face reality because he said that many young soldiers of Michael’s age go to observe and never come back. It could be someone else’s body.

Now Cathleen is embarrassing herself by announcing Michael’s body because people in the north have given him clothes and stock. But, when Nora shows that people have taken something from which water is flowing, Cathleen confirms to herself that it is Bartley’s body and after investigation, she is informed that the gray pony has dropped her and she has drowned. He said, ‘The gray pony threw him into the sea and washed him off where there is great surf on the white rocks.

Desperate now bows her head at the table and the women wait in a low voice. Desperate for mourning that all his sons are now dead and the sea can do him no more harm. For so many years when he prayed and stayed awake at night, only one male member of his family stayed with the sea. There is no need to go out on a cold winter night for a holy ceremony. Then Maurya wanted holy water in the pot. Nora gives it to him and he spreads it on Bartley’s body and Michael’s clothes. He said Bartley should not think that he did not pray for his safety because he knew there was no night, he repeatedly prayed for Bartley because there was no reason for his unrest.

Now, she will be satisfied with wet flour and stale fish. When Nora finds him calm and quiet, he is surprised, “She’s calm and easy now, but Michael hears you crying well in the spring the day you drowned.” “She has this misconception that she prefers Michael to Bartley because she said,” He liked Michael and what he thought, ” but Cathleen made it clear that she had been crying for nine days and was now completely exhausted. She did not have the strength to endure the ordeal. In the end, he acknowledged his fate and uttered the word that death comes to everyone which is inevitable, so no one can get more value than rewards and gifts for the victims of death.

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