Summary of Medea by Euripides

Summary of Medea 

At the beginning of the play, a nurse outside the palace is seen mourning and recounting some of the past events that have worked behind the creation of the present problem. The nurse said in her account that Aeson was the king of the kingdom of Iolcus. His son Jason was very young at the time of his death. Little Jason did not have the power to run the state. So King Aeson handed over the kingdom to his half-brother Pelias and told him to send Jason abroad to study and to give the kingdom to Jason when Jason returned as an adult.

As usual, Pelias is now the king of the kingdom of Iolcus. At one point Jason returned from abroad after finishing his studies. When he arrived, he demanded his kingdom from his uncle Pelias. But Pelias does not want to lose his power and adopts a strategy. Jason sent Tactically to the kingdom of Colchis to bring in the Golden Fleece. So far, everyone who went to fetch the Golden Fleece has died. Pelias thought Jason would not be able to bring the Golden Fleece. So Pelias says that if he can bring the Golden Fleece, Jason will be handed over the throne of the kingdom.

Jason was very brave. He accepts Pelias’s terms and he forms a team with strong young men. They set sail on a ship called the Argo to bring the Golden Fleece. King Aeëtes of Colchis was not at all pleased with Jason’s arrival in Colchis to bring the Golden Fleece. Aeëtes doesn’t want anyone to be able to get the Golden Fleece from Colchis. Because the Golden Fleece is an object of honor in the state of Colchis.

But Medea, the daughter of King Aeëtes, the princess of the kingdom of Colchis, falls in love with Jason at first sight. Jason loves Medea in the same way. So the Medea, which specializes in magic, helps Jason to achieve the Golden Fleece. Medea marries Jason and escapes from the state of Colchis with the Golden Fleece. In order to fall in love with Jason, Medea kills his brother Apsyrtus and tricks her father into moving to Iolcus.

After bringing in the Golden Fleece, Jason asks his uncle Pellias to hand over power, but Pelias refuses to do so. Once again, Medea comes forward to help Jason. Medea uses his magic and kills Pelias by Pelias’ children. Then Jason sits on the throne. But the people of Iolcus were outraged by Pelias’ death and sent Jason and Medea to exile in Corinth.

Jason and Medea have already had two sons. When Jason and Medea arrive in Corinth with their two sons, King Crayon receives them. Jason and Medea settled in Corinth. But Jason was greedy. He married Glauce, daughter of King Creon, in hopes of a better life. Medea suffered a lot in this incident and was emotionally broken.

At the beginning of the play, the nurse was lamenting after describing this incident. Then-

Fearing Medea’s retaliation, King Creon expelled him and his children from the kingdom of Corinth. Medea was given one day to prepare to leave the state. Medea decided to do justice to the injustice done to him one day. Medea is thinking of killing Crayon, Glauce, and Jason. This time Jason comes and tells Medea not to exaggerate. Jason says he got married again for the good of all. But Medea can’t accept it at all. He must teach Jason who he should be.

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Coincidentally, King Aegeus of Athens came to Corinth to meet with Medea, and he promised to give Medea a safe haven. In return, Medea will give the childless Aegeus a medicine to make Aegeus have children. Then Medea gets up to take revenge. The intense love she had for Jason has now turned into intense hatred. She plans to kill Jason and her two sons in order to teach Jason.

Medea calls on Jason to implement the plan and pretends to accept everything. Medea sends some gifts to Glauce by her two sons to allow her two sons to stay in Corinth. Glauce accepts gifts. One of the gifts was a coronet (small crown) and the other was a dress that had been poisoned. After wearing a crown and shirt, Glauce dies of poisoning, and Creon comes to his aid. In the end, Medea also kills her two sons so that Jason understands the pain of losing a loved one. The media moved to Athens with her dead children and they were buried there.

In this way, Medea, the fire of revenge, impoverished her husband Jason. Jason lost everything and went crazy.

Characters of the Play Medea


Medea is the protagonist of the play media. She is the princess of the kingdom of Colchis, the daughter of King Aeetes, and the wife of Jason.


Jason is the son of King Aeson of the Kingdom of Iolcus. Jason’s first wife is Media and his second wife is Glossy.


King Crayon of Corinth. Crayon’s daughter Glauce.


King Aegis of Athens.


Jason’s uncle Pelias.


Media’s maidservant.


A group of women from Corinth.

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